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Clever golf trick shots activate a fun Rube Goldberg machine

Clever golf trick shots activate a fun Rube Goldberg machine

You would think that you could only do so much with golf trick shots but David Kalb, trick shot extraordinaire, takes it to another level. He rigs his trick shots so they have to be absolutely perfect because they eventually turn into Rube Goldberg machines that can make hot dogs and create flaming watermelon heads. Watch.

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Sony’s next flagship phone allegedly shown off with new body, same camera

The jump from Sony’s Xperia Z1 to the Xperia Z2 was relatively minor, so don’t be surprised if this familiar-looking leak turns out to be legit. According to a Baidu Tieba user from China, we’re looking at a prototype of Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 aka…

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Silent Circle expands its encrypted calling service to 79 countries

Silent Circle’s mobile apps have helped make calls, messages and storing contacts more secure, but to enjoy its encryption benefits other people would need to use the same service. That could no longer be a problem for some, after the company…

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Key fob phone alerts friends that you need help with the press of a button

You know how establishments have hidden emergency buttons to call the police? There’s a new device called the ECHO Urgent Messenger that’s something like that, except it’s a tiny one-button emergency phone that you can attach to a keychain, so you…

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Structure Sensor Review: A Tiny 3D Scanner With Huge Potential

Structure Sensor Review: A Tiny 3D Scanner With Huge Potential

Structure Sensor, the world’s first iPad 3D scanner, is the sixth highest-earning project ever funded on Kickstarter and one of the most highly-anticipated gadgets of the year. Does it deliver on the promises that made thousands of backers feel like they were seeing the technology of 2020? It definitely feels like a glimpse of the future.

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How Not to Die On the World’s Tallest Waterslide (By Someone Who Lived)

How Not to Die On the World's Tallest Waterslide (By Someone Who Lived)

The world’s tallest waterslide , located in Schiltterbahn’s Kansas City waterpark, opened to the public this Thursday. I had the honor/horror of being part of that public. This is my story.

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It’s brown bear salmon-catching season once again, and we all know what that means—Explore’s mesmeri

It’s brown bear salmon-catching season once again, and we all know what that means—Explore’s mesmerizing live cam is back in business. And this year, they’ve even added an underwater one. The world is Good, friends.

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